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DailyWe was founded in 2005 to deliver the best personalized news experience and is managed by an experienced team of news, media and technology executives with rich backgrounds in traditional and interactive media, web programming, news personalization and development. The DailyWe team has more than 100 man–years of working with companies including:
AOLYahooBBCDow JonesSapientWall Street Journal
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DailyWe licenses content from hundreds of the world's best journalistic sources, allowing users to read full articles, share them and comment on them all within a single personalized news experience.
Dallas Morning NewsAssociated PressMiami HeraldChicago Tribune
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The 24x7 news environment hasn't quenched readers' thirst for news – it has increased it. And readers flooded with information are demanding more relevance and quality – in short, a personalized news experience. To capture their attention, news publishers must deliver news that is most pertinent, personal and prompt. DailyWe can deliver for you on all three counts.
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At, users have access to three views of the news – editorialized, personalized and socialized.

The personalized DailyWe section allows users to select their news preferences from topics, sources, or keywords.

Top News presents the most important stories as selected by the DailyWe editorial team.

DailyWe is driven by our community, including our unique Meme–It feature that allows users to rate stories by emotion.

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